The Student Information tab provides students with critical information related to their enrollment at Temple University and the same information is available to the School Certifying Official for certifying enrollment with the VA.


The Learner Section

Students can find the following helpful details in the Learner Section:

  • Student Status: indicates the overall enrollment status at the University
  • Student Level: indicates the enrollment level
  • Student Type: indicates the type of student
  • Grad Date: expected date of graduation based on current enrollment
  • Campus: the designated campus currently attending
  • Residency: indicates resident or non-resident of Pennsylvania for tuition purpose
  • College: the college currently enrolled in
  • Degree: the degree in-progress
  • Major: the major in-progress
  • Program: officially declared academic program
  • Current Time Status: indicates the enrollment time-status
  • Chapter: designated VA chapter (if applicable)
  • Last Cert Hours: the amount of credit hours for the term (if applicable)
  • Last Cert Date: the date of your last benefits certification (if applicable)
  • Last Certified By: the administrator who certified the education benefits (if applicable)
  • Yellow Ribbon Amount: Yellow Ribbon amount applied to the account (if applicable)


Address List

Active valid address available in our system help determine in-state tuition eligibility based on PA Act 11.