Image of Bendu.

It's time for a Student Summer Spotlight! We will be sharing our OUR/MVSC student workers summer experiences, starting with Bendu Chowoe!

Bendu is a rising senior, majoring in psychology, with a minor in cognitive neuroscience, and an Applied Behavior Analysis certificate. Bendu is a business owner: The Great Commission, and is an Air Force National Guard member!

This summer, Bendu will be working as an Owl Team Leader and an employee of Temple University's New Student and Family Programs! 

"This summer I will be working as an owl team leader and an employee of Temple University's New Student and Family Programs. The goal of my role is to integrate new students and families into the Temple community. I am excited to be a leader and inspire excellence in the incoming students. Temple University is special to me, and I want others to see it as I do.

As an Owl team leader, my responsibilities also include communicating with assigned new students via email, group messaging, or other platforms; leading virtual small group discussions, icebreakers, and campus tours; taking part in a virtual Q&A panel with other Owl team leaders; affinity spaces; campus partner interest sessions; and tech tutorials.  This will be an eventful summer."